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Holistic counselling is a gentle and compassionate form of therapy that helps you to work through issues. To be proactive and move towards positive change through the use of proven strategies. It takes into account the whole person including their emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical environments.


How Holistic Counselling May Be of Help to You


  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety to improve quality of life.

  • Overcome negative emotions and thinking.

  • Depression, Repressed Anger and Panic Attacks.

  • Improve Relationships; Marriage, Family, Children.

  • Coping with traumas such as Grief, Loss and Divorce.

  • Improve confidence and self- esteem.

  • Let go of old fears and past behavioural beliefs.

  • A more peaceful, centred approach to life.     

  • Develop practices to create infinite connection and peace.


Effectively incorporates techniques of:


Gestalt therapy: working the individual's experience in the present (centred) moment. With the expression of your emotion, focuses  on awareness.


Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT): helps clients to overcome their difficulties by changing their thinking, behaviour, and emotional responses.                                                  



More about ‘Holistic’ Counselling

Coined from a Greek word, 'holos', meaning 'whole' or 'complete' person, physically and mentally. Holistic counselling approaches treatment for the ‘whole person’ with understanding and considers the links of all levels between mind, body and spirit, incorporating an intuitional approach.


Knowing that change and healing happen more rapidly when we take care of our mind as well as our bodies, creating balance and peace.



How is Holistic Counselling different from psychology?

Holistic Counselling and psychology are different forms of therapy. Psychology is classified as a science and is therefore, analytical in its nature. Psychologists study how to analyse human behaviour in terms of patterns of dysfunction. Holistic Counselling on the other hand is an equal, helping relationship where the counsellor does not analyse the client but works with them from a non-judgemental stand-point. The goal being to help clients to make sense of and understand whatever situation they are finding stressful and to help by providing strategies and support in one’s time of need.


• My fees are not eligible for a Medicare rebate as I am not a provider of Focused Psychological Strategies. Partial Medicare rebates are available for up to 6 sessions of Focused Psychological Strategies with a registered provider following the preparation of a Mental Health Treatment Plan with a GP (partial rebates for a further four sessions may sometimes be obtained after a return visit to the GP). I do not recommend taking this route as it requires being diagnosed with a mental disorder and potentially receiving suboptimal treatment for a condition you do not have.


My meaning of balance in Mind, Body and Spirit

Studies in Counselling, meditation, metaphysics etc. has helped me understand diverse people in a Mindful way (Mind). We all perceive things in different ways from our past beliefs, customs and traditions. With “Mindfulness” we can focus the attention and awareness to bring us to the now.


For many years now I helped clients as a qualified Remedial Massage therapist, allowing me to look after people in a physical way (Body). Also I have learnt that the body ailments can cause a shift in the mind and spirit.


I believe with a good heart and soul, building compassion and looking after yourself, family, friends and others, you gain the understanding that we are all equal and unite from one source. (Spirit).

In order to have good spirit, mind and body must work in sync.


When all three, Mind, Body and Spirit are balanced, only then, life can change to a positive, peaceful and happy life.


My Work

Through my years of study, mediation and esoteric studies I have gained the compassion and honour in relating and working with others. I look at life with the need in helping one another.


True healing only comes from within. When thoughts are few, life is simple and fulfilled. We can overcome suffering, and only then, we can live a true happy and peaceful life.


With this approach and understanding I sincerely believe with the guidance of holistic counselling, we can work together and get the life we all deserve. 



“The purpose of our lives is to be happy".

His Holiness the Dalai Lama


Mark Celano


Individual  45 minute session  $120

Couples  60 minute session   $145.00

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