welcome to Float for wellness


  • Chronic Pain relief

  • Injury Recovery

  • Mental clarity & focus

  • Alleviate stress & anxiety

  • Relaxation - Meditation

  • Sensory deprivation


What is a float tank?
Picture being weightless in water temperature of 35.5 degrees (your body temp) in total relaxation. What creates the buoyancy is 550kg of Epsom Salt (Magnesium sulphate).
Any tension in the body will be melted away, improving recovery of any pain or injury.
Floating reduces external stimuli as much as possible to help the body
achieve a natural restorative state. 
Stress reduction, Anxiety relief, Sports recovery, Pain relief, to promote Relaxation, Reduce headaches, Increased circulation, for more restful sleep & to learn to Meditate.
This is a time to disconnect from any stress where you can forget your everyday endeavours, and bring your life back to equilibrium.

Our Float room with open shower

Prepaid   Pricing
Single Float

1 x 60 min session

normally $75.00

July. Special

Mon.-Fri. $49

Sat. $59

(2 months expiry)

Multiple Floats

2 x 60 mins Floats

July. Special

(Mon.-Fri.) $75

(Sat.) $110



(2 months expiry)

Massage Float Pack

1 Hour float session &

45 min Myotherapy or Remedial Massage

$159  (Mon.-Fri.)

(2 months expiry)

Float times
Mon - Fri   7:30am - 4pm
Sat.            7:30am - 3pm
Sun.          Closed
Public Holidays  Closed
Sorry, you cannot use float if:
  • If you have recently dyed your hair or applied fake tan within a week.

  • If you are effected by alcohol or drugs.

  • If you have open wounds

  • If you are over 135kg


  • Do not shave 3 hours before floating, salt will sting.

  • Don't have caffeine before you float, it may interfere with your ability to relax.

  • Relax and Enjoy, the experience is exhilarating, you will feel quite peaceful later.

Frequently Asked Float Questions
What do I wear?  Most people don't wear anything you are in a private room.
You can wear a swim suit, anything you wear will press against your body, becoming a distraction.
Do I need to bring anything?  No, we provide towels, body soap, shampoo and conditioner.
Can I float during menstruation?  Yes, please use tampons or menstrual cups to ensure no leakage,
same as you expect in a spa or swimming pool.
Do I need to close the lid?  No,  if you are claustrophobic you can leave it open, or try partially opened.
You will be surprised how big and spacious the tank is, You are in complete control and can open the
lid and go in/out as you’d like. The floating experience does help with anxiety.
Can I float if pregnant?  Yes, it is actually recommended as floating will take pressure off your body, but if
you have any concerns check with your health practitioner.
Float Booking Terms

All float sessions are to be prepaid.

2 month expiry.

Once passes are purchased, please book well in advance, especially those with selective

days and times due to work commitments.

Float sessions can be quite busy, due to being heavily discounted.

We do not want to disappoint as we do not give extensions or refunds for

expired passes and vouchers. 


It is your responsibility and you should consider this before purchasing a float session.

Any rescheduling  must be done prior to 48 hours of appointment.

(Business hours, not including Sundays or public holidays)

For No shows prepaid treatments will be lost for that appointment.

Sorry No Refunds.


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